Sunday, December 23, 2012

goodbye and thank you 2012! kaboom 2013!

Another year has come to pass and it's time to make new year resolutions and to change calendars. But as we bid farewell to 2012 and say hello to 2013 with open arms, it's always fun and nostalgic to look back at how the previous year transpired. Sure there are the good and the bad- all which hones us to become the person we are right now. I would like to call the year 2012 as the year of realizations and transformations, because sure there are a lot of learning experiences which made me change for the better. There were a bountiful of fun and happy memories, yet they were painful ones too which almost tore my heart into million pieces. But no matter how the year turned out, I would gladly say that it was generally a year packed with blessings. And with that, allow me to look back at the things which took place this 2012 (in random order). 

> Had my braces "installed"  (was that the right term?)
- Hahahah. For a new look, I decided to have my braces. And indeed, it is working its wonders! Beautification all the way!

> Celebrated my 22nd Birthday @ Tagaytay
- As my birthday treat to my barkada, we went to Tagaytay! Lunch c/o me, but we sure had fun! :D

> I was introduced to Cris, we met, and dated
- Wow, after two years, hello lovelife! My cousin paired me off with Cris. He was a guy whom she met at her boss' wake. We became textmates, we met, then dated, but then he vanished, came back, we reconciled, tried things out if it will work, but parted ways. It was whirlwind and quite saddening, but at least I did my best. Maybe it's not really meant to be. Wherever he is, I just hope he is happy right now.

> Went to Splash Island with Kat
- Happy Summer! Swimming and bonding all the way with my all time favorite buddy!

> Had a summer outing with Thanatopsis Barkada @ Hundred Islands Pangasinan
- More fun times and travels this year! Had the greatest of all times at the Islands and enjoyed the cool waters and spectacular views. More travels on 2013! I hope!

> Started Attending the Feast
- Last April 26, I decided to try attending the Feast, a Catholic Charismatic Community founded by Bo Sanchez. Indeed, I sure found my way home. I am slowly becoming an active member of the community, and currently, I am a member of a caring group and a writer at the Makati Feast. my CG heads are actually tapping me as a potential CG Head next cycle. Surely The Feast continues to bring out the best in me as I continue to be more closer to God. If I become happier and more confident than ever, I owe it to the Feast.
- I am indeed blessed! Amen!

> Had 6 units of Summer, 6 units this 1st Sem 2012, and 18 units to go!
- Wow, I am almost near the finish line. Next up for my Masters, comprehensive exam and thesis! Help me God!

>Lovelife (C.M.)
- My first ever relationship, which lasted for almost two months. He ended things though. But moving on.... :D

> Baguio trip with Mama
- Wow, this was part of my novena, and it came true! Yahayyy! Baguio trip after 10 long years. My treat for my ever beloved Mama. I'm trying to become a better daughter right now. Promise. :)

> Met kuya Kim, Tito Ness, and Tito Elmer
- Hello balikbayans! It sure is fun to spend time with family members who are abroad, since you don't have the luxury of time to be with them. I look forward to their next visit!

> Updated my Blogger Account
- As part of living a productive life, I decided to update my blogger account. Right now, I am writing more and getting active than ever. Plus with more followers! Yehey! :D

> Started to have a part-time tutorial job
- Thank you God for sustaining my needs! And I accepted a tutorial job as referred by my friend who works in a famous condiments/seasoning company here in the Philippines. They are really a blessing to me. They are very generous and welcoming that I even wrote a blog about their family. :D

> Still a Class Adviser this year, and more happiness at work
- Things are getting better at work.  This year,  I decided to take things lightly, so I am enjoying my work even more. Plus, I decided to stay next year. (And anyway, no need to worry anymore, I know my one true love will come, soon, ehhehehe).

> Had a relax hair treatment, cellophane with red color
- Time to have  a new look! I claim I am confident and beautiful, and honestly, it took me a while to do this. I had fun making myself feel good and beautiful. More of this next year! :D

> Had more fun times with friends, family, and colleagues
- This year I am indeed Ellen the Explorer. I had the most number of gimmiks, mallings, and night-outs with friends as compared to 2010 and 2011! What a change! And because of that, I am busy and fully-booked as ever!

> Accepted that some things are not really meant to be
- It took me another love to realize that I'm hanging on to something which will never be in full bloom. But ever since I decided to let go, I am in better terms with this person. All is well.

> I am more happy, positive, confident, and carefree
- I have learned so much from the Feast, the people I meet, and from my heartbreak this year. Thus,I picked up the pieces and allowed all those to help me grow. By 2013, I know I am even made better. :D

> Had another date this December
- What a perfect way to end the year but with a date! I do not know if this will blossom into love, but all I know is, he is likeable. Who knows what tomorrow brings? But I'm not worrying. There's no point in rushing things. If it's meant to be, it will be.
- Random thoughts: And ever since I decided to be happier and more positive, good and promising guys seem to come my way. How's that for a major blessing! I deserve it, after all! :D

Sure it both brings happiness and sadness when we look back at all the memories which made our year 2012 meaningful. Nonetheless, let us always remember that all things happen for a reason, which we may not understand now, but someday we will. And for all that happened this 2012, I still thank God for they are opportunities to grow. Let us say goodbye and thank you to year 2012 with a happy and grateful heart and welcome the year 2013 with a loud and deafening KABOOOMMMMM!

Cheers and hooray to another year!!!! :D
Stay happy, grateful, and positive!

And let us all keep believing that all that we are praying for will be granted this year.


Happy New Year everyone.

Love, love, love

Len :D

it's a date :D

After three months, oh yes, congratulate me, I had a date again! Wohooo! I've been praying for this one, seriously. And even if I did not expect that the guy would express his interest in meeting me, he did. :)

Actually, this smart guy is a very interesting person. In person, he really seems shy and inexpressive, but when he talks, oh well, you would conclude that he knows a lot. He's an engineer so expect that he's adept at math. Plus, he reads! And even reads better than I do (even if I'm the English teacher). And there's more because he sketches, and even writes. Wow naman kuya for that!

Ours was a pretty normal date. We ate snack. Watch "The Hobbit". Talked inside the movie house about what we are watching (sorry to those seated beside and in front of us, I know we are kind of chatty! hahaha). I find his expressions while watching a movie funny and weird, but nevertheless cute (it's quite hard to describe! hahaha)! A perfect gentleman, he is. The temperature in the cinema is really cold, you know, and I was surprised he offered me his jacket, which I politely refused since I was not really shivering that time.

He was my Mr. Know it all when it comes to LOTR for he watched all the three movies, and I did not! So when there are things which I am confused of, I asked him, of course. At least I have someone to help me, so that's way better than watching it all by myself. :)

Dinner was conversation time. I appreciate the opportunity to know him better. Since the movie ran for three hours and it was getting late, we decided to call it a day. And well, he accompanied me home. I know that's normal. But I don't know,I find it sweet when guys do that. Honestly, not all my dates would offer to accompany me home. Hahahaha! Would you say he was way better than all the rest? Too early to say, I guess. But let me think he is. :) At least.

It was a long walk and ride going home. And yes, he met my family (dad and brother). They were not surprised at all as I prepared them for this. But It was me who was quite surprised by his actions. He made "mano" to my dad and shook hands with my brother, and called him "bro".  Quite respectful, really. I was touched and wowed. I hate to compare, but my ex did not do that, even.  Is that a good sign?  Well, my promise is that I won't compare anymore. Promise!

All in all. He was a simple, shy type guy, yet a gentleman. My cousin was right about what he said about him. Will there be a part two? Let's see. But I hope so. Honestly, I like the feeling of having someone whom I don't have to play pretend with. He's smarter than me, so being a smart girl, too, it's easy for me to express myself. And he listens, you would see, which is good. He may not be super talkative and bubbly, but come on- it's hard to find a super sensible and deep guy nowadays.

Again, it's too early to tell. It may just be a simple and friendly date for him, but I'm just open to all possibilities and I still hoping for the best yet to come. I'll keep in touch. Who knows, it may be love this time? No need to rush. :D

It's a happy Christmas indeed. And see, I had a date before Christmas. I can't help but shed tears of joy.
God answered my prayer already. At least I will all the more have the heart to move on and forget the bad memories of yesterday, and replace them with even better ones.

Thank you God. I am ready to love again. Soon. :)

PS: It's not the end of the world!!!! :P

silent and distant

Okay. So I know it's a damn bullshit, idiotic, and stupid thing to do, but the heck, out of nowhere you bumped into my consciousness even if that was against all my desires and of rational thinking.

I know you're doing good even on your own. And as for me, I think I'm way better without you, too. I'm better, stronger, tougher, wiser, and prettier than ever. Again as stupid as it may sound, I owe it to you, to the pain I went through when I decided to love you.

Wherever you are right now, I just hope you are doing well. I wish for happiness for you. Seriously. Promise.

Today is your special day. And I tried my best not to greet you anymore, even if I wanted to. Doing so may be like opening a pandora's box, and I don't want to open a box full of curses, nightmares, and plagues. Greeting you may just give way to more agony and I don't want to remind us both of the pain you gave me.

I chose to remain silent and distant. It's the best for the two of us.

Happy birthday Cris.


Monday, December 17, 2012

for the love of cats

I have really this thing for cats. They are cuddly, sweet, and very thoughtful indeed. And here I am presenting to you my dear and beloved pet cat, muffin tweedledum!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

dare to achieve

Another write up for the Makati Feast. Am using my core gifts for God's glory! Ameeennnn!

Dare to Achieve

                How badly do you want your dream? How far will you go to make your dreams turn into a reality? Everyone is given the ability to dream and to fulfill our heart’s deepest desires.   We have the mind to imagine, the heart to believe and keep the faith, and our hands and feet to move and go for what we dream of.  So if your dream still remains as an image in your head, maybe now is the right time to stand up, reach out, and act on it.

                Do you really want to achieve? You can, if you hold on to your faith- the assurance of the things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. However, faith isn’t just a purchase order. Most importantly, it is a job order. Thus, faith without works is dead. And to best express our faith, there should be an accompanying action to it. We need the desperation which enables us to gather our energy and do something.

                Furthermore, there are two levels of experiencing miracles. First, is when God gives you miracles. Sometimes, when you least expect it, God will give his “manna from heaven.” Second, and even better than that, is when God gives you the power to produce miracles, because God is someone who believes in your abilities to. We can all choose to be the miracle waiter, who simply sits still and waits until something happen, or be the miracle worker, who uses his God-given gifts to make his dreams come true. Likewise, we can either be contented with the adequate miracles given to us, which is “just enough.” Or we can experience abundant miracles- overflowing and more than expected, if we strive to be a miracle worker.

                But how can we the miracle worker that God wants us to be? God only wants two things. We need to have the audacity to ask, for God has the ability to perform. Do not be hesitant to proclaim your dreams to God, because He is our father who wants to know what His child specifically dreams of. Also, we have to act, for God gives us the ability, something in which we can participate in. Greater works will come when you believe and even more, we can produce miracles by faithful action.

                So will you sit down and simply wait? Have the courage and fulfill your dreams. Ask and act, for all you know, God is just waiting for you to do so. And whilst on the process of asking and acting, keep the faith in your heart aflame. Never give up on your dreams and in your faith in God, hold on tight and never let go. Believe that with you and God together as a team, both of you can achieve. J


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

am i ready to forgive?

Am I really ready to forgive?

I am giving it a big "YES." But I am often left to wonder, will forgiving the person means I will feel the hurt less? Will it totally mean I decided to let it all go. And whenever I remembered him,will there be no tinge of bitterness or regret at all?

Why is it that even if I decided to grant him the forgiveness, which I said he deserved, I can still feel the pain whenever I remembered how he made me feel taken for granted or unwanted? Does that mean I'm not over him yet?

If you chose to forgive, does that mean totally putting yesterday behind, moving on anew, starting life afresh, and literally disregarding all the pang inflicted by the person whom you grant forgiveness?

I decided to forgive him  because it is for the best of our interests. It's not just for him, but also for me. Holding grudges toward that person will just make me embittered, so what good will that do to my life? Thus, I decided not to waste time on harboring bitterness and ill-feelings toward him, even if from time to time, I can still feel the pain.

Granting forgiveness may take time, but we have to give ourselves the peace we deserve, too. If we hold on to something which is useless already, we are blocking or keeping away the good things life has to offer. I realized then that even if you take the initiative to forgive, it does not mean the excruciating pain brought about by the past will vanish in an instant. Healing will take place, but it also takes time. There's no need to rush though, for doing so will hinder you from learning the lessons necessary while you are currently on the process of healing and letting it all go. If you force yourself to let it go, then it is not forgiving, but simply forgetting. Forgiving allows you to see things in a good perspective, while forgetting loses the lesson. We have to go through everything: the pain, the hurt, and the agony, if that is the only way to learn.

Forgiveness is also sign of maturity and strength of character. Not everyone can do it with ease. When you decided to do so, it suggests you have the ability to be self-less, that no matter how the person made you feel, you can still look at him in a humane way. Imagine how difficult it is to go through that process of forgiving the person who wronged you. Terrible and nightmarish that is. But the fact that you endured no matter how throbbing it can be means that you have fortitude. And for that, whatever storms may come in your life you can face with courage and might because you are also able to topple the forces of hatred and anger within you, the moment you chose to forgive.

YES. I have forgiven the person who wronged me. I do not hate him for what he did to me. At times the hurt  is still there whenever I remembered how I was "neglected." There would be moments when I feel annoyed when I look back at how insensitive he can be, acting as if nothing happened, and saying sorry for all the pain even if he never really talked to me in person about it, even if he said he will, for a couple of times. My heart still bleeds, honestly. But no matter what happened, a part of me says I have to be strong, and do not let this trial bring me down. This is just a test to my character, and after this, I am wiser. :)

To forgive is to love the person all the more. And maybe I forgave him for everything he has done because I once loved him, too. That I would not deny. No matter how terrifying it may be, I chose to do it out of love and respect for him. And even if in forgiving we can never expect to be fully reconciled with the person, nor to transform or change him, at least we did our part. How the person will react to that is his/her choice. As it is, you did your best in granting forgiveness, and the next step is to move on, with a happy heart. 

Life is never easy. But we have the power in our hands to make things less difficult for us. If you choose to be embittered, then welcome the pain and the sadness forever. If you choose to forgive, deal with the pain and agony today, but welcome a better tomorrow, soon. Remember, this too shall pass. It's not always a rainy day. The sun will soon shine on us, too. Who knows, tomorrow, when you meet the same person who wronged you, you will no longer look at him as that selfish brute who did nothing good in your life, but as someone who taught you valuable life's lessons, hence making you the wiser and stronger person that you are right now. 

**** For Cris. M.

are you ready to forgive?

*** A very timely article for me. :))

You've heard the saying: To err is human, to forgive is divine. While one may never truly forget a wrong, it's not exactly impossible to truly forgive.
Perhaps one of the reasons people have such a hard time forgiving is that they don't fully understand what "forgiveness" means. Forgiveness does not in any way mean you condone the other person's hurtful behavior.
The Mayo Clinic defines forgiveness as: "a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge." In short, forgiveness is accepting that the hurt has happened, and you are no longer harboring any negative feelings over it—and in doing so, you are freeing yourself from harmful and upsetting thoughts, giving way to a more positive outlook in life.
Forgiveness means you no longer hold a grudge. Grudges are a one-way ticket to self-destruction: you are actually hurting yourself, not the one who offended you. By dwelling on the hurt, you are in a constant state of anger that can make you forget about the positive things in life. Holding a grudge means you are too focused on the wrong that happened, that you fail to notice what'shappening.
Living in the past is a horrible way to go on with life, as you fail to enjoy the present. I know a woman who has been holding a grudge against her already-dead husband for the past 15 years! She is so self-absorbed in her anger that while she was physically present when her grandchildren grew up, she hardly remembers their milestones or any moment of happiness with them.
How to Forgive
The first step is to consider the value of forgiveness to you. While you may think you're better off hating that person for what he or she has done to you, you'll only be holding a grudge: and you will in no way benefit from this. True forgiveness will help you have healthier relationships in the future, and will help lessen your anxiety and stress.
Next, reflect on the facts of the situation. What brought about the act? How did you react to it? Could you have acted differently? Try to be as objective as possible. This step may be too much to handle if you are still very emotional about the situation—and in no means is this step meant to make you dwell on the act. Just take a step back from what happened and look at the events from a stranger's point of view.
When you feel you are ready, actively choose to forgive. It's easy to say, "Okay, I forgive him," when deep down you still wish a piano would randomly fall on his head while he crosses the street. Try this exercise: look in the mirror, and say out loud, "While I am upset about what (insert name here) did, I am actively choosing to forgive him/her." Keep doing this and try your best to mean it. You will be surprised how, one day, you'll wake up, and feel exceptionally lighter.
Once you've forgiven, move away from the role of "victim." The person wronged you—but that doesn't mean you are helpless and in need of pity. Do not let this person's hurtful act hold you from being happy and enjoying life. Rise above the situation and show the world that you are a survivor!
And lastly, accept that forgiveness will not change the person, or cause reconciliation. Oftentimes, we forgive people, and believe that by doing so means they will change for the better, or that things will go back to the way they were. This is not always the case. Change must come from within oneself: you cannot do anything to change another person. Also, while some acts can be forgiven, it does not always mean reconciliation will follow. Some cases—like death or the refusal of one party to communicate—might prevent a reconciliation to happen. But that doesn't mean you can't still forgive. Remember, forgiveness is mostly for yourself, not for the other person.
Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." And he was right. Being hateful and harboring anger is easier than accepting the imperfections this world has to offer. It takes guts to, as Oprah Winfrey said: "give yourself permission to release from your past—and step forward with the mud of resentment cleared from your wings...."


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

out of boredom :))

Whew, what a luck! I finished my Quarter Exams early today. I'm supposed to work on my paper in my masters but not a single idea is in my head. I suddenly remembered my laptop has a built in camera on it, so to pass time: camwhore moments!


I don't do this everyday, okay!!! hahahah :D I was just alone, luckily! hahaha :D

Sorry boss!


There's nothing in particular to blog about for the day. It's just that, I feel a little bit frustrated, todaaaayyyy!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

The vain girl within me is trying to kick in. Oh mennn. And honestly, I feel that every girl has that certain vain meter in them.

Alright, I think I have to seriously lose weight this time. Argh. I hate it when people make remarks such as "tumataba ka." Ouch. That hurts. 

With very less rice and no in between meals and still that? Yeah men. I gotta be really paranoid. 

I should seriously exercise more and eat healthy more often!

Right! No paranoid thoughts okay!

I'm sexy and I know it. :D

Eat when you are hungry. No cravings!

Forget that it is Christmas season. Hahay! :((

7 signs your relationship won't last

#I happened to read this article from this morning. Out of curiosity, I read the article and I guess it pretty much answered why my previous relationship didn't last. Anyway though, I know someone better is coming my way. Thanks for this article, another lesson learned!


It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a dead-end relationship and wonder why you’re there. Sometimes things aren’t working out but you just can’t put your finger on why. If you feel like your romance is doomed but you aren’t sure whether it’s time to call it quits, we’ve got seven signs that your relationship won’t last.

Sign of a break-up 1: The relationship is turning mean

While “treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen” may sometimes be the key to attracting that special person, if you’ve been with your loved one for a while and you’re still being treated mean then it’s unlikely that your partner’s objective is to keep you keen. While most couples tease each other by being ‘mean’ in a playful/flirtatious way, if their main intention is to hurt or demean you then the respect has evaporated from the relationship and it’s going to end in tears. 

Sign of a break-up 2: You choose not to spend much time together

Relationships thrive when both members of a couple create the right balance between spending time apart and spending special time together. If you find yourself spending a large amount of time without your partner and you’re not even missing them, there’s a good chance you’re just not that into them and your relationship is probably headed for the rocks.

Sign of a break-up 3: You’re not introduced to family or friends

When you’ve met that special someone who you really love, you have butterflies in your stomach and you want to shout about your romance from the rooftops. If you’ve been with someone for a good few months and they still haven’t introduced you to their family or friends then you’ve got to question why they aren’t making your relationship public information...

Sign of a break-up 4: They’re controlling

Does  your other half want to know your exact whereabouts and exactly what you’re up to at all times? While you might enjoy the attention to start off with, this can become pretty annoying after some time. If your other half is exhibiting behaviour like this, it’s a signal that they are jealous by nature. You’ll only be together for as long as you can put up with this for but even if you stay together, you will end up feeling smothered and this isn’t the recipe for a happy relationship.

Sign of a break-up 5: You have nothing in common

Yes, we know that opposites attract but when you’re so opposite that you can’t even have a decent conversation because you have nothing in common, we’re pretty sure that polar opposites repel in these situations. Of course, you don’t want to be with someone who is exactly the same as you (yawn!) – having different interests can be exciting. When it gets to the point where your conversations are boring though, we can pretty confidently say that this isn’t going to work out.

Sign of a break-up 6: Where’s the commitment?

If you’ve been seeing each other for a while and your other half has shown no signs of wanting to commit, it’s worth wondering why. Of course, some romances take a long time to develop by nature, but make sure you don’t end up being strung along by someone who doesn’t see a future with you. A relationship where one person wants to commit and the other doesn’t seem interested is destined for disaster.

Sign of a break-up 7: Too busy to call

Of course, it’s normal for people to be too busy to call their partner a lot of the time – life is busy! However, if the phrase “I’m too busy to call” is becoming all too familiar, then your other half needs to prioritise. If they can’t do that, you’re going to end up feeling pretty rubbish. Everyone needs to feel special and if your other half doesn’t make you feel that way, it’s time to ditch them for someone who does! 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

tablet on sale!

I am fond of searching for internet deals when I happened to see this from Metrodeal. So for all the techy guys out there, please do check this out.

PS: Please comment whether you think this is a great find :D I am not really techy, so your comments will help me.

*** I want this for Christmas. Or something like this. Hihihiih :D

Happy holidays

a word for our pound for pound king

The Pacquaio-Marquez stand-off was another talk of the town (and the world) this 2012. After four boxing fights, many said that this is finally the concluding match and will really determine who the best fighter is. Unfortunately though, Pacquaio's magic didn't make it. On the sixth round, he fell, much to the bewilderment, surprise, and devastation of all his avid fans. The debates are on-going, attributing it to his 'change of religion.' Many would say that he has lost his lucky charm because he no longer held his rosary tight, knelt down, and prayed before the fight. Others would blame his change of religion, from being a Catholic, and now to a Protestant. He no longer strictly adhere to the beliefs of the Catholic faith since he is now a Protestant convert, he attends Bible studies and preach the word of God in accordance to the Protestant faith. People mock as if they were Pacquaio, as if they knew all the pains he has gone through. It is very sickening to hear people throw stones as if he never did anything good for the country. How heart-breaking it is to hear all the stone-throw of harsh words even if Pacman was truly a country's pride after all the laurels he has brought home for our motherland. And so here I am, not to protect his interest, but as a fan and supporter, to give my due respect to our so called "pound-for-pound" king.


To our dearest Pacman,

I am not really a boxing fanatic. But because I almost grew up watching all your fights (courtesy of my dad), I sort of was left with no choice but to love boxing. I really admired your dedication and passion for your craft- your rigorous and intense training was always beyond wonders as you really put your heart in what you do. Boxing was akin to putting your other foot below the ground- life threatening that is, and even if others would say it is for pure money-making and for the fame and glory, I am still just proud as a fan to see my fellow Filipino fight and triumphantly bring home the bacon and the laurel. Your victory is also ours, and so for every fall, we feel your pain and agony, too. People can be so cruel and judge you harshly, but at the end of the day, please remember that you always have your loyal supporters to pat your back and pray for you after every defeat. This fall is just a challenge to your faith and strength of character. Much is given to you- power, fame, riches, and glory. Thus, much is expected. Please be reminded that people are wary and on the look-out on how you'll take your defeat. Honestly, I pray that you will take it the way a real sportsman should- with humility and acceptance, which I believe you did. With that, I hope that you won't look at it as if it's the end of the world. Remember, you are not on the pillar of success forever, because no one will hold on to that too for so long. As it is, no matter how strong you might be, you will always have your downfall. As the song superman goes, even heroes have the right to bleed.

Yes, it is not easy to be you. Months of training, venomous words from your opponents, a bloody fight inside the ring- who would have endured all those? Only a brave soul- which you did. You have been an example worthy of emulation for your untiring dedication to your country, your sport, and your faith in God. Likewise, you have proven that you can always go beyond what is expected as you bravely faced the world of politics, no matter how dirty as it appears to be. You have done so much, actually. And needless to say,  there is nothing much to prove. Believe that all this happens for a reason, and it is just a test, and with your faith, all this you will pass with flying colors.

I am not in the position to say or to tell you that it is time for you to let go. But maybe, after many years of fighting, I guess you should consider it giving yourself the peace and the rest you deserve. You have given the country so much victories already, and while you are still on the peak of your career, with record still clean as it appears to be, then go and consider retiring. Your world does not stop inside the ring. In fact, that's just the beginning of it. Prove your detractors wrong, and show them the real strength of an ultimate fighter. Don't give up on your faith; instead show them that with your faith, there is no life's battle that you cannot win.

They say that this might be  a "punishment" for your conversion, but I would not agree or disagree with that. Anyhow, people are entitled to their opinions, respect that. But if your heart is really for serving Him, by all means do it. Listen to your heart and not to the voices of the majority. As always, the heart can tell you where your home is. I am a Catholic too. But I respect it if you found home and refuge in the Protestant faith. Worry not if people condemn you. At the end of the day, you will know that people persecute you because you are way above them. Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim, does it still matter? It may or it may not. But as long as you are committed to your faith, I guess you can never be wrong. Serve wholeheartedly, that is all that matters.

So now that you are confronted with such a tough challenge, remember who to turn to. There will always be that someone who will pick you up. And no matter what happens, there will always be those good people who will look up to you for all you've done. Think of them instead of your detractors. You had a long and tedious journey already. And for all of that, our sincerest thanks. You are still one of the greatest boxers the Philippines and the world could ever have. We are just plain proud!

Stand up and keep the faith and fire burning in your heart!

With respect and prayers,

Ellen Marie Llabore

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

an ideal family

I'm recently tutoring in Mandaluyong for the granddaughter of the owner of a well-known condiment/cooking product. I would say that it was a very good paying part time job. But even if the family was well-off, I admired the way they treated me and their employees. Since I have been tutoring the girl for 4-5 months already, I had quite a number of encounters with the family members and their workers. With them, I never felt like I am different or a nobody. I am happy that they do respect me and make me feel like I am a part of their family. In fact, they will even ask me to join their dinner every time we are having the tutorial sessions. I had the idea that not all rich people are snob or elitists, as this family is really down to earth and humble. I have proven that as when Habagat hit the Philippines, I saw them pack relief goods for their employers who have been victims of the floods. Indeed, it is in their heart to care and share. Thus, I will gladly say that I am extremely lucky that I was given the opportunity to tutor one of their family members.

As I look at them during dinner time, I cannot help but be all smiles. Mine was a genuine smile, for I can't help but be happy to see such an ideal family- eating, joking, and sharing stories together. The father of my tutee would always make sure that every night, he would ask how his daughters spent their day in school, asking them what they did and what they learned for the day. On the other hand, their mother (a housewife) is always hand-on, checking on her daughter's progress in school, checking on the things they need, picking them up at school every day, and will always ask what her kids prefer for baon the next day. The mom will always find time to talk with her daughter's teachers and to talk to her children's good performances and even misbehavior in a gentle manner. They stick together for each other that if a family member has a competition to attend to (as the girls are very much into sports), they are always the loyal supporters. How sweet it is to have such a family. So whenever I imagine and envision a family of my own, I close my eyes and pray that I hope their family will be like mine. And every time I do that, I am filled with anticipation and joy.

This tutorial job is really a blessing to me in many different ways. Financially, it was able to sustain my needs and even my wants. It has also enable me to be good at time management and at spreading myself. It helped me to relate with other people aside from my usual work here in school as I get to talk to my tutee's parents, sisters, grandparents, and even the other employers of their family. Furthermore, it helped me visualize the kind of family that I want to have, the kind of mom I want to be, and the way I will bring up my kids someday. So every night as I go home after each session, I close my eyes and say a deep prayer, thanking the Lord for this wondrous blessing. Indeed, everyday, God is molding me to be the best person I can be- as a teacher, tutor, friend, and of course a mother and wife in the nearest possible future. :D

So thank you God for this chance to meet this family. Now I know Your purpose for meeting them.

Amen :D

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

pyromusical competition

Pyromusical competition at SM Mall of Asia. Check the deal at Metrodeal!!!


Not a bad deal at all!

I hope I can buy one.

Winks :)

dear 2012

Dear 2012,

I cannot believe that time flies like a thief in the night. I feel like I'm running after you as the year is again about to end.There were good and bad things that happened, but no matter how things turned out, my heart is full of gratitude for they are all experiences for me to learn. As the year is about to draw close, I would say that I am stronger, tougher, and wiser.

Thank you for making me realize that it is not selfish to love myself all the more, even before I expect others to love me back. This time, I am more confident than ever, and I will stand tall and be proud of who I am, for I am created with purpose. Thank you that I am no longer doubtful of my abilities, and therefore, I know and I am certain of what I want to  be someday. I know the road that I am heading and I will never go wrong because my heart is willing to go for it. Someday soon, all my dreams will come true. Undeniably indeed, learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of all.

I would also like to thank you for drawing me closer to my Creator and thereby increasing my strength, fortitude, faith, and optimism. Indeed, I am at my happiest this year because I am a strong believer that happiness is a choice and life is what you make it. Today, I will no longer allow clouds of doubts to hinder my vision as I can always strive to make the most out of the most despairing situation. The bouts of melancholia will come, but it will never be triumphant in bringing me down. 

Also, thank you that even after my heartbreak, I was able to pick up the pieces and move on with forgiveness and joy. Surprisingly, I did not have any ill-feelings toward him and deep in my heart I know I am open to reconciliation and patching things up with him. Likewise, I have grown wiser and am certain that I will no longer make the same mistakes again. If my life is being emptied right now, it's because He has something better to put in my life. Now, I am most certain of myself, and I know I am more than ready to find that love and to share my completeness with someone as complete as I am. Love is soon coming my way, that I am most assured of. I have no doubts. :D

Furthermore, thank you for giving me more opportunities to go out of my way- to travel, to spend time with my friends, to meet more people, to try things I have never done before, to share my talents and to go out of my comfort zones. Indeed, I have maximized my potentialities this year, and for 2013, I know I can do more. I can do anything. I am full of zest and energies, overflowing, that is.

So soon, I shall bid goodbye to you, but let me tell you that I owe you so much. And for making me the person I am today, I will be forever indebted to you. 2012 will always be a year so close to my heart, and this 2013 will be my breakthrough year, for sure.

Goodbye and thank you 2012! I shall always remember you with fondness.

Always and forever,


Monday, December 3, 2012

it's the month!!!!

It really helps when you think of good things but relax at the same time. When I started reading "The Secret" and "Happiness Project," my life pretty much had that 360 degree turn. I was less pessimistic (or no longer negative) and I became more joyful. My faith in God has also increased thereby enabling me to see the good things life has for me. I realized that I am overly blessed with so much, and whatever it is that is not yet here, will come soon. I have the faith, so I just have to trust God and relax in his unfailing love.

And so I told myself that I want to be happy and I will no longer belittle myself. I am God's champion, powerful servant, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I believe in myself. I can conquer my fears. I can do everything. Nothing is impossible. Therefore, I can find love, very soon.

It might be too early to say it's a fearless forecast that "he's the one." But the mere fact that I claim it to heart this year that I will find love this 2012, and I will receive the best birthday gift ever this January 2013 means God is really working in my love life. Wow! Fantastic indeed. :D He is indeed amazing. So finally, after months of friendship, I will have a date again. Wohoooo! :P

I am just praying right now that things will be well. I will stay put and keep it cool. The excitement is there, but I guess I shouldn't think about it everyday. If this guy is meant for me, he will be persistent, and he will prove himself to me. If ever he will express his intention, then might as well give it a try. Who knows? We might get along pretty well. I am open to all possibilities. I will just allow God to work in my love life and open myself to the pouring of blessings.

And so I am no longer doubtful and afraid. I am certain that finally, good things will come to me, because I deserve the best. I asked and prayed for love.I believe it will come. And so I am receiving it.

"Because whatever it is that you asked for in prayer, believe, that you have received it, and it will be yours."


#12/22/12 ..... set the date!!! See you!

Friday, November 30, 2012

the lazy gal

Hi Blogger! I've got so much to do actually. I'm supposed to do a lesson plan and all its attachments, a quiz, and read up on my MA subject. But here I am, sitting down, listening to cool and relaxing music, contemplating on things, and blogging. This is how hardworking I am (sarcasm obvious).

Undeniably, no matter how industrious you may be, there will be days when you'll rather be a couch potato and a lazy buddy. What else can be better than just sit down and let the day pass aimlessly. At the end of the day though, you'll find yourself cramming, but you'll manage to survive and accomplish everything, nonetheless.

I don't know if that's productive though. As for me, I can deal with all types of work situations - I can work under pressure (I'm used to beating deadlines) and I can work even beyond what was expected of me. It's all a matter of mood and motivation. But today, unfortunately, I am just not in the mood to study and work.

Well, nothing's bad with this bout of laziness. As they say, this too shall pass. Tomorrow, I may have the zeal to go beyond expectations. So this is my dry spell at work. I need a motivation.

But please don't get me wrong, buddy. I'm not lonely. This is not a melancholic write-up. It's just another: "today I don't feel like doing anything, I just wanna lie in my bed."

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Since 2012 is almost ending, I believe it is also good to do some "make-over" in preparation for the year to come. I searched the internet for different long and straight hairstyles and these are what I found:

As I look at these pictures, I can't help but wonder which of these will be most appropriate for a round-faced person like me. I really want to have my hair straightened, and I would also like to experiment on color and a little bit of bangs and layers to have that fierce aura. I am not sure though if it would suit me well. I hope it will, though. I just want an ultimate revamp this 2013, for a prettier and better me. 

Maybe it's time to say goodbye to my good-girl look. I want to look more like a  confident, sassy, and alluring woman. It's about time. :D

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

to do list this 2013 :D

And so 2013 is dawning!!! Soon we will hear firecrackers explode and see fireworks light up the sky. It's even a month from now! Are you excited? Oh well, miraculously, I AM! :D Since I am changing perspectives, I'd like to make a list of things I'd like to do this breakthrough year, 2013! (I claim that it's my year of Miracles, and yes, It's the Year of Faith!) So here they are, in random order.

1. Have my year straightened (and colored)
- I think I need to revamp my look a little. I look too goody goody, you know. Time for a more fierce, lady like look. :D hihihihi

2. Cook one or two dishes a month
- Oh well, this has been long...overdue! I am really interested to learn how to cook a meal! From viands, pasta, desserts, appetizers, and all! Preparation for being a good girlfriend and wife. You know! :P (winks!)

3. Finish my remaining units of MA
- So I can finally move on and get over with it. After studies, I am all out to total enjoyment of life. Break it down, yeah!

4. Go to Puerto Galera and Thailand
- Seriously, travelling is on top of my list, as always! Friends, wanna join?

5. Join an outreach activity
- Because the caring girl within me is kicking in. Spread the love.

6. Save, save, save
- In preparation for the future :D, Hello BDO!
- I need it's also high time to listen to dad regarding the investment he's in. Okay daddy. Noted!

7. Go to a spa and relax all the way!!!!
- I need time to pamper myself after all the hardwork! I deserve it too :P

- Woooah! I claim it. So I'll be young and wild and free and just have funnnnn!!!! :D
- And with all that, I hope I'll find him, too. Happy birthday to me!

9. Celebrate my birthday and pamper myself
- For two years, I have been constantly treating people during my special day. This year, I'll give myself a treat. Because it's not bad to love yourself, after all.

10. Date and meet more friends
- Seriously, I need to find more time to meet with them. They are my life giving spirit. Anyone?

11. Read more books, watch movies, and blog about it!
- I should take this more seriously! Thus, I will really visit bookstores and checkout their good reads :D

12. Learn how to drive
- I'm hoping I can do this, but without a car, how will that be possible???!!! Whoah!
- I've been bugging my dad to buy even a second hand one, but I don't think I have good convincing powers. Sales talk skills please!!!! :D

13. Work out the zumba way, lose weight, and eat more healthy
-Shalalalala! So I need to find time, really! Weekends, hello!
- Vegetables and fish, here I am. I'll try hard, promise!

14. Try a new hobby
- I am not yet certain as to what that will be. All I know is I want to try one. Painting, biking, cooking, planting? Recommendations? Whatever that will be, we'll see!

15. Be more active at The Feast
- Since I have 9 more units to go, perhaps I can be part of the Kids' Ministry and teach children or be a Caring Group Head. Ohlalalalalala! Sounds exhilarating!
- And that means meeting more people!!!! Hooooray!!!! Life is good!
- And of course, being more closer to my one and only God. I love you so much!!! :D (Keeping the faith alive, as always!)

16. Attend seminars which are not related to teaching
- Since I am always attending education related seminars, I guess this time I should try a different "genre".
- Maybe I'll try business, financial management, investing, career, or writing! And I am willing to pay on my own. Besides, it's a new chance to meet new people, new dimension. Now, I can't wait!

** So far, I think I've exhausted all the things I look forward to this 2012. There might be more to come, but I guess these are too much already. With faith, love, hope, vigor, and optimism, I know I can do them. I'll keep upbeat and stay happy to attract good vibes this 2013!!!!

With love, joy, and peace,

Len :D the happy girl

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

joyful heart

I am not a perfect person. I am not the perfect girlfriend either. We are all not perfect. But despite all our imperfections, I so believe we will find the person who will be our perfect pair. :D

I can be annoying at times. I have issues which I try to resolve, and I am aware of it. Hence, I am still working for constant self-improvement. But that does not make me less of a person. Because truth of the matter is, if given the opportunity to love again soon, I know I can do so much.

Lately, my love tank has really been overflowing. This time it's not a desperate attempt  to seek for attention and love, but I would say I want to share the love inside my heart to that special someone who will complement my completeness. A relationship, I believe, is made of two complete persons. If you are an emotionally unstable, the possibility is, you will attract someone your kind. It's sort of a homing instinct, because you sort of want to heal that broken part of a person which is somehow similar to you. I thought back then that being in a relationship will change me dramatically. Only to realize something which is otherwise.

And so maybe the timing was not right before. So what? We all have to move on. Life must go on. And so everyday, I am facing each day with arms wide open, I'm singing a song, moving a long, dancing to and fro to the song of life . I have never been this happy before. And I thought I should depend on that someone all the time for my happiness. No. Not always.

So this time. I'd like to share the joy that I feel inside to my one true love, whoever he is. And my heart is beating fast because I am most excited. I want to do so much for him. I will do everything for love. And when I finally found him, I will sing to my heart's content and thank God that he finally gave that person to me.

It will all be worth the wait and the waiting won't be too long.

I'll make a wish, take a chance, make a change. And breakaway....

I have high hopes in Him, and prayers are my ultimate weapon. :D

Continue to feel the love. :D


Len :)

in love with you :)

*** It so happened that I heard this song played in the radio several times. Since then I can't help but hear it playing on my mind. Out of curiosity, I decided to search or it in the net. Luckily I was able to find it!

Nice song, indeed!

<3 :d=":d" inlove="inlove" people="people" span="span" stay="stay">

In love with you
Christian Bautista and Angeline Quinto

Just a gentle whisper, told me that you’d gone
Leaving only memorie, where did we go wrong?
I couldn’t find the words then, so let me say them now
I’m still in love with you
Tell me that you love me, tell me that you care
Tell me that you need me, and I’ll be there
I’ll be there waiting
I will always love you, I will always stay true
There’s no one who loves you like I do
Come to me now
I will never leave you, I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad I will stand true
I’m in love with you
Now we’re here together, yesterday has past
Life is just beginning, close to you at last
And I promise to you, I will always be there
I give my all to you
Living life without you is more than I can bear
Hold me close forever,
I’ll be there….
I’ll be there for you
I will always love you, I will always stay true
There’s no one who loves you like I do
This I promise…
I will never leave you, I will stay here with you
Through the good and bad I will stand true
Hold me closer…
Our love is forever, holding us together
Nothing in this world can stop us now
Love has found, love has found a way
Yeah… love has found a way
I’m in love (I’m so in love), I’m in love
Yes, I’m in love, so in love
I’m in love with you

Monday, November 26, 2012

heart beatssss :))

And so my heart is skipping a beat and a hop hop tap tap tap daradum dadum dadummmmm.

Can you hear it? It's calling for someone else.

Just to clear things out. I'm not inlove, yet.

But I am happy that there's this one nice guy who makes me smile, all the time.

You see, I haven't met him in person, yet. We were text mates and facebook friends. But well, as per the recommendation of my cousin, she said the guy was smart and gentleman. I would say though that what she said were true.

We speak the same language. We understand each other perfectly. He finds time to tell me if he's busy and if he can't text me because he has to do something important. He will tell me that he shouldn't text me but he did just because he wants to know if I am doing fine.

Oh well. Am I just expecting too much? Are those fall hopes?

And maybe it's too early to tell, yet.

As they say, the best is yet to come. But if he's soon to be the one, I'll welcome him with...arms wide open.

After all, I need to be in love again.

I have yet to experience the best feeling in the world. And I bet, it's gonna happen, soooonnnn.

I pray and claim it in Jesus' name.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

dear calendar

My desk calendar here at work had been my constant companion and partner this year. It has been a living witness as to how busy I was and still is until now, and up to the future. Looking at the things I have to accomplish and had accomplish made me smile and I thought then that the times spent had been so worthwhile.  It has also been a witness as to the things I looked forward to and celebrated back then, like birthdays, reunions, gimiks, get-togethers, family gatherings, out of towns, and so on. Thus, I came to realize how the year has been so busy for me. I did a lot actually. And I would say 2012 has been a very fruitful year.

I guess my calendar also made me realize how my relationship this year had been so fleeting, transitory, ephemeral. I met him, we dated, he vanished, went back to my life, patched things up, tried things out together, then called it quits, and he wanted to be back, till he was gone again. All in a span of even less than a year. It was the most whirlwind of all relationships, I would say. It was like yesterday when I met him, and before I knew it, in a blink of an eye, he was out of my life. :(

But the good thing about looking at it is I was able to breakthrough and write more goals for each month. As it is, there is just one month before the year ends, and I would say that I am facing each day with a happier heart. I have just made my November goal almost come true, and the one for my December is soon to be a reality. I'm becoming less of a pessimist right now, and that's one thing I am proud of.

The year is about to be another closed-chapter and I have to change calendars again. I am not really sad about how 2012 turned out despite the heartbreaking things which happened. Instead, I am overly excited about the surprises 2013 has in store for me. As I prepare myself for a new calendar for the upcoming year, I also am anticipating for the new things to accomplish and look forward to. I can feel it that something ultra-mega special will take place next year. 2013 is the year to LOVE. :D

So thank you dearest calendar. You have really served your purpose well. Cheers to a great year spent with you. One more month, and we can make my dreams come true.

and of course,

Hello 2013!!!


Len :P

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is she the one?

**** Interesting article I've read in Yahoo. Is your girl already the one? How are we to know. Guys and gals, this might be of help! :P

Because there is no manual for relationships, couples are left to figure things out for themselves. But perhaps, for the men, the biggest issue that they have to figure out asks the question that can possibly change lives forever: How do you know that the girl you're dating today is 'The One' for you? Indeed, how do you become certain that you want to spend the rest of your life with this girl?
For these eight men, the answer to that question came in varying degrees of speed but with the same huge impact. One realized he and his best friend were meant to be together when he saw her drinking beer from the bottle, just one of the guys; another figured it out when his then-girlfriend accepted him for all that he was, warts and all.
Take a cue from these guys. The answer to your own question may not be as complicated as you think.
Sounding board
"I have loved many women before but marriage was never a foregone conclusion with any of them. With my wife, I knew she was the one when she took everything I dished out during happy, sad, and mad times, shoved it back to me to make me happier, sadder, or madder, and was still there for me the morning after, ready to start all over again."—Miguel, businessman
No pretensions
"I remember an incident when my wife and I just started dating. We were both dressed to impress for a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, but on our way there, a vehicle from the overpass splashed us with water. I immediately looked at her expecting her to be mad but surprisingly she just laughed and wiped our wet clothes. From that point on, I knew she's the girl that I wanted to marry: unpretentious, funny yet drop dead gorgeous."—Jason, producer
Joined at the hip
"Before we were married, we were friends for eight years. We spent an average of 17 hours a day in each other's company while doing theater work, either as actors or as production staff. We knew each other from head to foot."—Bing, property and procurement head
Just 'The One'
"I knew she was the one because it made me happy when I repeatedly attempted to make her smile in various ways (somewhat low success rate because of outrageous number of attempts). I also knew she was 'the one' because there never was any thought of a possible 'the two'" —Neale, caterer
Unconditional acceptance
"Apart from shared interests, similar values, and a symbiotic sense of humor, it was her complete acceptance of me that was the clincher." —Karlo, editorial director
An authentic better half
"At first, it was because we just have a lot of things in common, like she was also into sports like me and we were both training for the Philippine team. We were going together for seven years and I always said that she's my better half, because when I was younger, mainit yung ulo ko and she was always calm. I was not religious but she was. I was not so close to my family but she's very close to hers, so I would always tell myself, she's really my better half."—Greg, sales and marketing executive
"When we got together, I felt like everything was how it should be. I was happy with everything about her and wasn't willing to give her up. I soon realized that I couldn't imagine life without her." — Albi, corporate buyer
Best friends
"My wife was my best friend almost from the time I met her. We could have long conversations about anything. And she drank beer from the bottle so I knew she was my kind of girl: walang kaartehan. We had a meeting of the minds, and that was how I knew she was the one." —Hoton, entrepreneur