Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what's up on the day of hearts?

So  what are you up to this coming day of hearts?

Date with your special someone? Well  and good!
Bonding with friends? That sounds a lot of fun!
Day out with mom/dad/siblings? Hooray! Great!

Single and no date?
Hmmmm....for a lot that won't sound really good, especially if you give in to the pressure of having someone during Valentine's day.
But at the end of the day, how you will spend your valentine's day is really up to you.

Of course it will be good to spend the V-day with your one true love, but if it is not there yet, is that reason to fret?

Life is always full of possibilities, and crying just because of someone that you don't have is your choice. If you want to feel low and pity yourself, go on. But that won't make you feel good, so why not spend your time spreading happiness and making others feel the love because of your actions.

Personally, I have always been used to spending the V-day minus the date. And most of the time, it gets the hell out of me too. I did not mind it when I was in College, thinking that, well "I am young and my time will come, too. I'd just wait till I graduate and land a good job. At that time, maybe, I'll have a boyfriend."

But then, after three years. I am still a certified single.
Is there anything wrong?
If I think that something is wrong and missing, then there definitely is.
If I think that I am incomplete and happy, then I definitely am.

But what if I make a 360 degrees turn and feel joyful instead?
Is it possible to be happy even if you are single this day of hearts?

You are what you think.
I think, therefore, I am.

Strive to be genuinely happy this Valentine's Day.
Thank God for the blessings, for there are countless ways that He has blessed you, thus far.
We can always say "I love you" to our family, friends, and colleagues.
We can always make someone feel extra special.
And in spreading the love, we feel the love deep within ourselves too.
We don't always need someone else to do it for us.
Why, when we can always initiate and do some effort?

If I can always tell someone that he/she should never feel sad because I am here, I will.
So maybe I can do that this Valentine's day.

Instead of sulking, I'll make others happy, in my own special way.

And I know, soon... the good that I do to others will come back to me a hundredfold.

Smile this Valentine's Day. For sure, a person out there loves you, more than you'll ever know.

(And sometimes, you don't have to look so far. Beside you, at your back, and look up!)

I love you all!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! (in advance)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

on my own

**** I just watched the phenomenal "Les Miserables" yesterday (though I know I am way too late!). I would say that the movie was indeed heartwarming and fantastic. Made me shed tears for sure. But of all the songs, this was the one that touched my heart the most. "I love him, but only on my own." I guess this song captures what my heart feels for him. <3 span="">

And now I'm all alone again 
No where to turn no one to go to 
Without a home without a friend without a face to say hello to 
And now the night is near 
Now I can make believe he's here 

Sometimes I walk alone at night when everybody 
Else is sleeping 
I think of him and then I'm happy with 
The company I'm keeping 
The city goes to bed 
And I can live inside my head 

On my own, 
Pretending he's beside me, 
All alone, I walk with him till morning. 
Without him, I feel his arms around me, 
And when I lose my way, I close my eyes, 
And he has found me... 

In the rain, 
The pavement shines like silver, 
All the lights are misty in the river, 
In the darkness the trees are full of starlight, 
And all I see is him and me, 
Forever and forever... 

And I know it's only in my mind, 
That I'm talking to myself and not to him, 
And although I know that he is blind, 
Still I say, there's a way for us... 

I love him, 
But when the night is over, 
He is gone, the river's just a river 
Without him the world around me changes, 
The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers. 

I love him, 
But everyday I'm learning, 
All my life, 
I've only been pretending, 
Without me, 
His world will go on turning, 
A world that's full of happiness, 
That I have never known... 

I love him... I love him... 
I love him... But only on my own...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

have a lift of faith

Was there ever a time in your life when you felt impatient because things are not happening the way you want them to? Do you feel frustrated because your prayers seem unheard and your dreams are not coming true? When doubt seems to kick on, it is always good to know that there is one thing that can fuel the heart, mind, body and soul - faith.

Hebrews 1: 11 tells us that "faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see". Faith enables us to dance today and response to the kindness we received. And while faith gives us the strength to endure life's pain, hope provides the ability to hear the music of the future. As Emmanuel Teney puts it "As your faith is strengthened you will find that there is no longer the need to have a sense of control, that things will flow as they will, and that you will flow with them, to your delight and benefit. Hence, let us keep the faith today, and remain hopeful for our future. 

Whenever we feel like losing battles, we can always remind ourselves of how Jesus can create miracles, even in the bleakest of all situations. The only weapon that we need is faith, like that of the woman who touched Jesus and believed she will be healed. In the same manner, Jesus raised a dead girl, brought her to life, and said that she is "not dead but asleep." These stories reveal that 1) it is not enough to touch Jesus, you have to touch Jesus with faith and 2) sometimes what we call dead is just dormant to God. It all takes the courage to take a risk of faith, and God will surprise us beyond wonders.

Indeed, God will not give anything that you can't handle. Likewise, it is best to maintain a positive mindset because faith can do three things. First, Faith will make you talk to yourself. It allows us to declare things and utter positive words, whatever is in the heart. Second, Faith always points to Jesus, the author and finisher of all. Jesus is the focal point of Faith. Likewise, Faith is not Faith until it's all you are holding to. Third, Faith will always cause you to make some room.  If our dreams are not yet coming true, it does not mean we have to stop dreaming. As the story of the dead girl shows, what may be "dead" to us is just "dormant" to God. Therefore, we should give it some room to understand, to hope, and just respond by faith. Before giving it an expiration date, give it a chance. Take a risk and soon, God will grant your deepest desires.

Do you want to create miracles out of your life and receive surprises that will sweep off your feet? Have a lift of faith that your order in this restaurant called "life" will come soon, because we have the best chef and creator of all things- God. :)