Saturday, February 14, 2015

To St. Valentine

Dear St. Valentine,
I see lots of couple date on the day of hearts,
And flowers and chocolates are just everywhere,
Girls hold their bouquet on their hands,
And I can just lovingly stare on them.
Wishing I have one, too.
Or better, praying to have that someone whom I can call mine.

And on this day of love,
I don’t want to sour grape or be a bitter singleton
For they say, when it’s meant for you, it will come.
But sometimes, I just feel the sadness, St. Valentine,
And there’s the void and hollow space in my heart.

Yet I still pray to God to fill the potholes in my heart,
And I face each day courageously, even on my own
Even I’m alone.
But I still envision, that one day, that special person dear to me,
Will hold my hand, and tell me he’s there
That all is okay.
And that I will be excited come Valentines’ Day.

Maybe not just on the day of hearts itself.
For when he comes, then everyday will be a Valentine,
Filled with music and flowers in the background,
Even maybe when there is none.
But because we are together, each day is more than special.

I pray that I we’ll meet each other, soon, St. Valentine.
Can you also play Cupid and strike our hearts out?
So at the end, we may both find love?
I am waiting, praying, and anticipating,
That next Valentines Day, he is seated right next to me.