Monday, February 8, 2016

from afar

Everything is like magic whenever I see you
My heart skips a beat; I can feel it thumping fast
That even if I told myself the feelings are no longer there
It all goes back to me by just one glimpse of you.

And so here I am loving you from afar, over again
Concealing my identity as a friend
Because I know that is what I will ever be
Maybe this friendship state of ours will make me happy.

I wish I won't be half-hearted in saying I'm over you
But I realized that there are just people you can never unlove
Looking at you, I can still feel the spark
And every quick touch is electrifying my very core,

That seeing you sleep on my lap is heaven
I just wish that time will stop for me then
I want to caress your face gently and softly
But I only end up staring at you, again.

Maybe I can never really have your heart
Even if mine was always yours for the taking
Time and again I will admiring you from afar
Loving you in silence, even if it torments
For this is the only way I can keep you, till the end.

I still love you even if it hurts.
But I have to love myself, too.
So I chose to accept what cannot be,
and gradually let you go.