Thursday, June 6, 2013

a teacher's life :D

"I'm starting the School Year 2013-2014 right!"
That has been my "mantra" ever since we get back to work last May. Sure there has been a lot of changes at work- new level, more requirements, more tasks, more demands and expectations. But all it takes is a positive attitude and a happy heart to accomplish all those. I'm pretty happy that most of my friends belong to the same Grade Level where I am currently assigned, so that means there will be less stress ( though it won't necessarily mean work is easier). I'd like to count that as a blessing and though things seem to be tough during the batch turn-over (when the former grade level teachers shared the batch profile), I would just consider all these a challenge which I will willingly and courageously surpass.

May and June is all about preparations for the upcoming new school year. There are a lot of renovations and changes going on due to the K+ 12, but I'm confident we can cope with it soon.  Thankfully, I just finished my learning plan for the entire 1st term (congratulations to me!), so I am excited to work on our classroom decorations and bulletin board. Since I am a cat lover and I am assigned as the class adviser of Grade 5C, we decided that our theme for this SY will be cats (meowwww!). Sure it will be a cute thing to see and behold, and I am just eager to see how it will look like once we are able to put them together in the classroom.

Funny thing though, but I am highly anticipating the first day of class and meeting with the students. The first day is always crucial because that means establishing all the rules and regulations, plus you have to make students feel at home and comfortable in school, but I know we can always find a way on how to make things work for both of us - teachers and students alike. After 3 years of teaching, maybe I can now confidently say I am getting the hang of it, and now is the time to step up a little further and be more aggressive at work (in a good way). I am fervently praying though that things will turn out well- with less problems with students and complaints from parents. I really have to pray hard.

I have to keep this energy up to the end of the school year. I know it's difficult to sustain the zest, but I believe no matter how tired and exhausted I become at the end of the day, teaching will always be my first love. I would not last for three years in this profession if my heart is not into it. Surely there will be obstacles along the way, but with faith and constant praying, in my heart, I strongly believe, all is well! :D

I'd like to claim that this SY 2013-2014, I will be a champion in all aspects. The odds will be in my favor. It is and it will be. I can create wonders and miracles, because I believe! :P

Cheers to the start of SY 2013-2014!

Happy teaching and enjoy learning kids!

-with love,

Ms. Llabore

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

happiness :))

Just when I thought that the chances are low, life seems to have an ultimate turn-around. All it takes is one brave leap and step to the fulfilment of one’s dreams, and sometimes, you can’t always play it safe and keep mum. I would ask myself, what if I just kept it to myself up until now, but with the good things happening to me lately, I know I have made the right choice, indeed.

It may be too early to tell what could be in store for us. I never know what tomorrow might bring. But why worry? I can live by the moment anyway, and enjoy while all good things last. Getting overly anxious about things wouldn’t lead me anywhere. So instead, I’ll just sit back, relax, and cherish all that is here.

There are things which, for me, are unimaginable, but they are happening. Sometimes, when you are about to give up and move on, life will take a swerve and lead you to where you are supposed to be. I could have chosen to let go. But the feeling is so intense and overpowering, that I chose to fight for it instead. I have readied myself for the worst and I know what to do just in case it would not yield me favorable results. Fortunately though, the odds are in my favour and up to know, there are more surprises, every single day.

I am happy indeed. Overjoyed, overwhelming, sometimes overly ecstatic. This time, I would like to say, that I would let go of sad and pessimistic thoughts, because I just want to claim that my happiness has come. It has been a long wait. I fought hard for it, too. So I will never ever let it go.

Excitement envelops my being. I am filled with anticipation. For the time being, I will not rush. We are on the right track. And I know it will happen, soon.