Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Find your Taeki (Choi Taek, Reply 1988)

And when you fall in love, I pray that you find someone whose love is greater than his fears and who never hesitates. I hope that when he looks at you, he lights up and radiates that happiness of being with you. Yes he is not perfect, because no one is, but when you are with him, you feel a love that is genuine, sincere and secure... and that as time goes by that love never ceases or fades. He may not give you that fluttering feelings at first or make you feel those butterflies in your stomach, but with him, there is no room for doubt or questions, because his love is not a mystery for you to unravel. It is a love so sure and true, that there is no need for you to guess. This love may not be grand or not what you expect it to be, but it is real. The way he looks at you and the way it feels when he holds your hand and hugs you is enough for you to say, he's the one. ♥️♥️♥️

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To my real life Taeki, Sam Galang 🥰🥰🥰

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Choi Taek For the Win!

Reply 1988 has surely touched the hearts of millions of viewers around the world because of its realistic plot revolving around family and friendship. Avid fans had also been rooting for different teams aka the male lead to end up with Sung Deok Sun. Some may be Team Sun Woo, a lot are clamoring for Team Jung Hwan, but I am consistently Team Taek since Day 1. Here are some reasons why I strongly believe Choi Taek deserves our leading lady, Deok Sun.

1. Taek lights up whenever he sees Deok Sun (literally and figuratively).

-Park Bo Gum (who plays Choi Taek in this drama) is known for his killer smile that will make your heart melt and will make you smile, too! And whenever Choi Taek sees Deok Sun, he has that glow! Deok Sun simply has that ability to enamor our shy Choi Taek and he is always all smiles whenever he sees her. Whether it's a rough day or just an ordinary one, seeing Deok Sun truly makes our Choi Taek happy! When he was left with  Deok Sun while the gang has left earlier on after they followed Dong Ryung, you could see in his eyes how delighted he is to be with Deok Sun's company (even if Deok Sun has been teasing or goofing around with him, he is not angered to bits, but even marvels with it).

And who would not want to be with a person like that, who just simply loves to be with you?

2. Taek really adores Deok Sun.
- Through quirks, imperfections, warts and all... Choi Taek is just so fond of Deok Sun. Even during Deok Sun's awkward days, Taek still finds her pretty and cute! Any girl would want to be with a partner who thinks she is the most beautiful in the world, don't you agree?

Proof that Taek is just head over heels Deok Sun and loves her for who she is? Remember when Dong Ryung asked Taek if he is really sure that he loves the weirdo Deok Sun? With a sure smile, he joyfully answered yes!  And if that's not enough to convince you, Taek even told Deok Sun is pretty during the China Baduk tournament and when she was wearing the orange lipstick that Jinjoo and Bora find weird! Deok Sun may have her share of idiosyncracies, but our Taek embraces and accepts them all!

Now that is definitely sweet! ♥️

3. Choi Taek has been consistent and honest with his feelings ever since.
- Taek is your usual shy, introvert and socially awkward guy, but he is different when it comes to his feelings for Deok Sun. In fact, he bravely admitted, without hesitations at that, in front of his guy friends that he likes Deok Sun, not as a friend, but as a woman. He may be quiet and shy, but he has the guts to ask the woman he likes for a movie!

4. Taek values his friendship with Jung Hwan.

- Even if our Taeki loves Deok Sun so much, he is willing to step back and let go the moment he knew Jung Hwan likes Deok Sun, too. He is not selfish, but is also considerate of his good friend's feelings. When we was finally sure he wanted to pursue Deok Sun, he even visited Jung Hwan at the military camp and that is a sign of a true gentleman, indeed!

5. Taek is committed to his goals,he may be silent, but is one true fighter.
- He is not a Baduk Genius and champion for nothing, after all. And this includes how he commits to his feelings with Deok Sun. He may have backed off for years in respect to Jung Hwan's feelings, even so, it did not mean he truly hid those feelings in the closet forever.  The moment he sees the opportunity, he seizes it! There is no backing out for our Choi Taek!

6. His Baduk skills may be his pride, but nothing matters most than the love of his life.
- Taeki is well renowned for his Baduk skills and is critically acclaimed for his wins. Still, he is willing to forfeit a Baduk match just to be with Deok Sun. Our Taeki truly knew his priorities, Baduk may be his pride and bread and butter, but Deok Sun is his love, for whom he is willing to give up anything.

7. For Taek, Deok Sun is his "peace of mind in this crazy world".
- Deok Sun's company and warm hug is enough to comfort Taek after a long and tiring Baduk match. He finds refuge and solace whenever he sees how Deok Sun cares for him. He acknowledges it, again, with his shy and signature smile.

8. His love may be silent and not grand, but is sincere and secure.

- It's true that Choi Taek may not be everyone's cup of tea. For others, he is too timid and introverted. But then again, Taek proves those assumptions about him wrong. He may be shy and awkward, but it does not mean he loves less. His love remains unchanging even if years had passed and all it takes is that one, "but" from Deok Sun for him to fully give his "long overdue" feelings a go. His gestures may not be grand, but he is willing to protect Deok Sun too (and he even pretended that he was smoking so he could join her) and comfort her during her gloomy days. As shy, introverted, and awkward he may be, he is willing to overcome all his fears because his love for Deok Sun is stronger.

And at the end of the day, when made to choose between someone who is sure of his feelings for you and one who has been wishy-washy about it for so long, who would you rather be with? We may be thrilled with a love that's hidden because it gives us excitement and butterflies in our stomach. But when presented with someone like Choi Taek who is certain with his feelings, who accepts you for who you are and is willing to fight for you at all costs, then I am sure he will also be your choice.

A love that's genuine, consistent and never hesitates...that is Taek's love for Deok Sun. And those are the reasons why he deserves to have Deok Sun's love, after all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The invisible enemy

"I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow, a wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind."

Never have I felt uncertainty and fleetingness of life than these past few days. Just like most of us, I wonder. I am baffled and beyond scared as to when this will end. Sometimes, I wish all that is happening in the world is just a dream. But no, it is reality unfolding right in my very eye. And being far from home somehow even makes me more frantic. But I know that I must not allow fear and paranoia to rule over me.

Instead, the past few days have been days of realizations. In times like this, what else is more valuable? Life, good health, togetherness with your family, all those are what I hold more precious and dear now. All of a sudden, I forgot my yearnings for worldly possessions, not because I don't want them, but because I know at the end, it is not what will truly count.

In as much as we want to plan things out now, the world seems to be unstable. What lies in the next months, no one actually knows. We lie in bed, not knowing how many lives will be lost. We wake up and we can never tell if one day, we will be reduced to a mere figure or statistics. Despite venturing into the unknown, we hold on to that glimmer of hope and faith, that one day, if we keep in praying and helping one another, our lives will be back to normal again.

And just like you, I can't wait for that day to come, too. How good it will be to finally see my students again and be lost in their chatter and noise. I long for the day when we can talk to our friends somewhere else, in the park, at the mall, without apprehensions, reservations and fear of getting contaminated by the virus elsewhere. I pray that the day will come when we can finally feel the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the outdoors. Oh these things which used to be normal or maybe trivial are now the very things we miss.

As long as we keep fighting a good fight, there is no battle we cannot win. More than ever, this is the time for our country and the world to be united in overcoming this invisible enemy. In doing so, it is with hope that we set our ego, pride and selfishness aside and just let love, compassion and altruism reign. Time and again has proven that miracles do happen if we work together. And what better time to see another miracle unfolding in everyone's lives than now?

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Life in the time of corona virus

Life in the time of corona virus:

The global pandemic has spread like wildfire. With the figures rising in every country, we can't deny the fear and uncertainty that lurks in the minds of everyone. But this challenging time also holds lessons and realizations for us to ponder over.

1. Simple and basic things matter.
It's quite ironic how even the simplest and basic things matter more than ever now. Washing your hands, which seems an elementary concept, has never been so important. And it takes a pandemic for us to realize that. Thus, it is also time for us to ask: what are the basic and simple things which I already know but I seemingly neglect?

2. Health, family and safety are more important than anything else.
With travel plans, occasions and get-togethers on hold and cancelled, we start to shift our priorities to what truly matters most . Travels, gatherings and celebrations can wait, but the safety of our family, friends and loved ones hold paramount. We might have lost money along the way, but then again, life is priceless. We can earn back that money anyway. Peace of mind is something that money can't buy and that one is what matters more now.

3. There is beauty and peace in staying at home.
At the moment, social distancing and staying at home are the safest things to do. For others, it may seem like a house-arrest, especially at this day and age where everything seems to be fast-paced. We live in an era where we we have to go out and to explore (and sometimes so we can have IG worthy stories or photos). Perhaps, this is life teaching us to slow down. Maybe this is the rest our body has been needing for quite sometime. This time is an opportunity to reconnect with our family, and to finally spend time and eat together, which maybe some of us have not done for so long.

4. In times of crisis, our true character is revealed.
Our selfless or selfish nature will show in this global pandemic. And with what is happening around the world, it is time to reflect, who am I among the two? Sadly, there are people who live for their self-serving interests. But there are also compassionate people, who think of others welfare first more than their own. I hope we take time to show our gratitude and appreciation to this people. They are the epitome of altruism and a source of hope, that we never run out of kindness in this world. And with this, we should ask: "In what way can I help someone/others (the world, my country, my fellowmen) today?"

5. Life is fleeting and nothing is certain.
We never know what the future holds. With this, I hope we are reminded to value our loved ones more and to cherish our life on Earth. This is the best time to reflect on our actions and go back to our purpose. And even with life being uncertain and transitory, it should not stop us from doing good and from keeping our faith in God and in humanity alive.

More than ever, this is the time when everyone should unite. The virus may bring fear, paranoia and wariness, but our greatest weapon is not any antidote or vaccine, but our solidarity and optimism that we can survive this challenge, no matter how grueling it may seem.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Your wedding, your choice, your happiness

Your wedding, your choice, your happiness
Some insights on weddings

We all have different visions of how we want our wedding to be. Some want a laid-back and intimate wedding; while others would opt for a grander one. Regardless of your choice, it actually boils down to a couple's decision and preference, so there is really no point in comparing (or arguing) which one is best. What works for one couple, may not actually work for others. Besides, not all couples have the same economic background, life principles and goals, so any couple's choice as to the type of wedding they want, should definitely be respected.

For at the end of the day, all weddings are beautiful, no matter how big or small, simple or grand it may be. A wedding is a start of a couple's lifetime together, a brave decision they both made. And when two people become one through marriage, vowing to love each other through thick and thin, good or bad, richer or poorer, till death do them part... nothing is as beautiful (and sacred) as that.

You may choose to have a civil wedding or an intimate one at church because that will make you happy, then by all means go for it. Or you may opt to have it in a cathedral, with top of the line suppliers, for it gives you immense satisfaction to invest on nothing but the best for a once in a lifetime event, then follow your heart's desires.As long as you don't break the bank and know you have worked hard for it, then go ahead give yourself the wedding you truly deserve. Through it all, love is what binds marriage, love is what makes any marriage worth the effort, and love is all that really matters when a couple decides to tie the knot.

That being said, all weddings are beautiful, memorable and worth-treasuring. A union between two people inlove is a gift, and no matter what type of wedding that is, it is meant to be celebrated. In a world full of uncertainty and the unknown, people who choose a lifetime commitment are highly laudable. And when married couples look back at their wedding day, it will always put a smile on their face. That happiness brought about by their wedding day, is all that truly matters.

Your wedding, your choice, your happiness- own it. Whatever will bring your heart peace and contentment, follow it. A wedding only happens once, so you have to make sure that your wedding day is all that you ever dreamed of and truly wanted, not what or how others wanted it to be. Let that vision come to life and let that vision become reality.  When you made that wedding happen, your heart will know that you made the right choice and it will truly give you great joy. Believe that no matter what kind of wedding you opt to have, your union is blessed by God and you are on to an exciting and thrilling beginning on your journey to forever with the one you love.

Monday, January 20, 2020

3 decades, 3 lessons

  • 3 decades, 3 lessons

When I was younger, I used to dread reaching my thirties. I would always ask myself that when I am 30 years old, "Will I be good enough, successful? Will I reach my goals?"  Now that I finally reached this age, I realized it is something I should not fear, but instead, should welcome wholeheartedly. Your 30s is the time to fully embrace maturity and the wisdom that comes with it. With this, here are some valuable insights I gained over my life's  three decades.

1. Where you are is where exactly you should be
- Our life is a product of our choices and decisions, so wherever we are right now is where we are meant to be. Many times we will be bothered by our "what ifs." Instead on dwelling on things that can't be undone, focus on what is. What can you do to make things better at the moment? We should refocus our energy on the present because it is entirely pointless to mope over our past or regrets. Remember, each brand new day is an opportunity to turn dreams into reality, regrets to learning experiences. Believe that where you are is due to divine appointment, not by accident.

2.  Always find the beauty in things.
- The world is already filled with toxicity and negativity, and we don't need more of that. Our reactions to circumstances can make or break us, so it is wise to practice using "the pause button". Admittedly, this is still challenging for me, but if I am confronted with problems, I try to ask myself: "Will stressing over this matter in months or years? If not, I will just let it go." Life is always full of good things. And sometimes we ignore our "blessings" and pay much attention to the "burdens". So whatever and whoever it is that makes you happy, dwell on that. Spend time with your family and loved ones, travel, pursue your hobbies - the possibilities are endless. Life is beautiful and there is always something worthy to celebrate. As they say, live, laugh, love. And don't forget to thank the Almighty at the end of the day, for all the blessings -big or small.

3. Be gentle with yourself, but be open for growth.
- Most of the time, we are our own worst critic. And we are most unforgiving of our own faults. Mistakes and failures are normal occurences in life and it is through these that we grow. Why should you be harsh and keep all the blame to yourself? You can always brush off the dirt on your knees and stand up after every fall. Tap yourself and say, "it's alright. I can do better next time." Take it easy, but do not be complacent. Cry if you must for a day or two, but know when to stop.
You will see that after every fall, there is a stronger, wiser and tougher you. Take it to heart that you can always transform mistaked and failures as learning experiences, and all it takes is a heart that is open to forgive and to take risks and chances for oneself.

It might have taken some time before I learned these things and the journey had not been easy. At 30, I am still a work in progress, my life is not perfect, but that is okay. I thank God for the 30 fruitful years and what lies ahead, though still uncertain, I place it in the palm of God's hands.

I'm 30 and I'm loving it! Cheers to more decades to come!   ♥️

Saturday, November 30, 2019

How I found my one true love

There is no magic or secret formula to finding one's true love. It is a puzzle piece that remains a mystery, thus baffling many. But despite this, one thing remains true, love comes when you least expect it, and praying for it truly works wonders. With that, allow me to share our love story.

Sam and I had been colleagues when I worked at a publishing company last 2014-2017. I remember meeting Sam for the first time at the swimming pool when my officemates and I went for a dip in the pool during our company team building. He was very quiet and I knew back then that he was the shy type. He seemed to be quite loved by everyone, and I remember rushing to him out concern for he had a little "accident" during one of the games. We would have little encounters at the office after that, him being part of the IT team. From time to time, I would ask his help on technical matters, bump into him and have small talks over lunch (sometimes even giving him my rice 😂). We never really got a chance to be very close for quite a long time because I work on-field most of the time, but I remember being one of those who will pair him off with someone from another department. Sometimes we will jokingly tease him by telling him we will use his computer to send an email to the girl we are teasing him with, and all these Sam will just reply with a shy smile. With his kind nature, he never really showed remonstrations nor fought back. But all those time, I have established that he is really the good boy next door type and is hardworking and dedicated to work.

We started to get a little closer after our team building in 2016. Our theme was "Hunger Games," and each team has to send two representatives to be the muse and the escort. I, being the young one in the team, had really no choice but to be the muse. I knew Sam was one of my teammates, so I begged him to be my partner, so I will not end up being paired with a stranger (or someone from a different area). Being the shy type that he was, I remember it was not easy to convince him, but eventually he gave in. We had an interpretative dance to the song of "Chandelier" and to our delight, our team won.

After that, I noticed some of our officemates had been teasing us. I thought then that it was because of the team building, and knowing how quiet and shy type Sam is, I just shrugged the idea off. I mean, yes he is likeable, but how will he even like me? For me, he is "torpe" and geek. He barely even speaks to me, so him pursuing me is something that never crossed my mind.

Things started to change a little bit though little by little. There were already little instances when we would exchange random messages over text message and I can clearly remember him teasing me and I ended up smiling while queing at the uv express terminal as I exchange messages with him. That perhaps is the beginning of something, as I was quite happy that he started to warm up towards me. After that, I remember telling an officemate, that Sam's girlfriend in the future will be very lucky, for I can clearly see then that he is a good man.

Fast forward to 2017, I decided that it was time to leave that company for I accepted a job offer abroad. That was the year when I decided to leave everything to God- my career, my lovelife, my future. Never did I thought that I was in for a big surprise that year. With the support of our officemates, Sam finally gathered the courage to accompany me home, which I initially thought was just an act of kindness when he heard about a certain incident on my way home. I introduced him to my mom as a concerned officemate, but after that night, when I thanked him for the company, he said, "next time again, if there is still a chance." I felt then that maybe, there is something different so I said yes.

The rest as they say, is history. That was the start of our usual exchange of messages, till we had our first date on valentines Day 2017. The biggest revelation he had during our courtship days was  when he told me he had been praying and gathering his courage to finally pursue me for all those years. He finally confessed that he likes me since 2014.

Our love story is three years in the making, but I would say that the three years of waiting is a beautiful journey of self-discovery for me. During those times, I had been hurt countless times, up to the point that I almost gave up on my chances in love. But I persevered, I prayed, I trusted and surrendered my life's plans to the Lord. And when my heart is finally at peace knowing that God knows what is best for me, that is when He reveals who my one true love is.

I have never been any happier and content since then, knowing that Sam is my answered prayer. Our love story may not be perfect nor easy, especially we had been in a long distance relationship for two years now, but a love story that is orchestrated by God will truly stand all adversities. So if by any chance you have doubts and questions as to who is meant for you, just pray unceasingly and keep trusting God's divine plan, for His plans are always better than you can ever imagine.

Whenever I see Sam, I am reminded how the Lord has been good to me, for after a long wait, He has finally blessed me with the love I deserve. It is a love so true and beautiful which happened when the Lord most willed it, in His perfect time. Every day, I thank the Lord for this wondrous blessing, a good and kindhearted man, whose love for me is genuine that I could not ask for more. Sam is truly worth the wait and my heart is overjoyed.