Tuesday, February 7, 2017

on a fateful night

Tonight my heart has many feels
That of despair: the need to belong to someone else
Or longing for having someone who will listen or care
Wishing that someone will ask about my day
For someone to support me in every way.

Tonight, my heart is filled with gloom
Still here I am hoping for a love to bloom
As I wait for replies or messages that never come
And I ask myself, “Is he not the one?”

Tonight I feel my heart is wearied
And I am driven by pain and pity
I lose hope in the love that I waited and longed for
As it seems it never knocks on my door.

Tonight my eyes are filled with tears
As I cover my ears so the sobbing I won’t hear
And the anguish I had piled up thru the years
Made even stronger by my innermost fears.

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