Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Does God even remember me?
When He blesses others and their prayers were answered
Does He know that I have been praying fervently, too?

Does He know my hurts, trials, frustrations, and pains
Especially when I am tired and can no longer wait
Does He know that I cry in the middle of the night
Or I ran out of joy, too?
And stare at nothingness,
Feeling hopeless and lost?

What exactly are God’s plans for me?
I have done all I can
Been good to the best of my ability
And tried to wait patiently
Will there be an ending to this
Waiting, hoping for, and dreaming?

The answers yet I cannot fully fathom
Though my heart and mind tells me to hold on
For when the Lord’s plan I cannot comprehend
And if in the moment I feel His silence
Then maybe, He is preparing something for me.

And I have to wait
To grow
To be strong
And to trust wholly
That He knows perfectly what He is doing
And I just have to leave the rest, to Him

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