Thursday, August 2, 2018


Lately, I have not been posting much because of work. As a teacher, there is indeed so much on my plate and maintaining this blog has been out of the loop. But if there is one thing that I am excited about, it is our upcoming big day on December 2019! I find time to search for cpncepts and pegs and I cannot contain my happiness every time I get to talk to our coordinator. At the moment, I just want to enjoy every single step of the preparation phase. I will be a bride chilla and avoid stressing myself out of the things that are beyond my control. 

As an OFW bride, perhaps one of my biggest worries is how to plan and ensure that the preparation will be smooth. I am grateful that my groom is hands on and as OC as I am! Usually, brides will do all the planning and will pay more attention to details, but even before we started planning out, Sam has been very vocal that he wants to be greatly involved in the preparation. In fact, since I am working here in Indonesia, Sam will be the ones mostly in charge of doing the leg work! Haha! Sorry, mahal. But thank you for making sure everything is in place. I couldn't be any happier knowing that I did not only find the one my soul loves, but I also got a team mate in him. 

It will still be a year and a few months before I bid goodbye to my single days. Each day, I cannot hide the fact that I am closer to that day when we will finally exchange our I dos. And for every day that I am with my love, I always thank God for the greatest gift He has ever given me. 

Let us enjoy this journey together, my love! 

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